Start a small business from home with 1 lakh investment. What is the best way to start?

First decide whether you want to start TRADING or SERVICE business.

If you want to start Trading business go for following business

  • Kirana shop
  • Footwear store
  • Stationery shop
  • Eatery shop
  • Bakery

Are to name a few.

But relating to the question assuming that you have only 1 lakh rupees and you want start a business from home, I don’t think above ideas would execute. So just go for a Service sector.

I started my business with very less investment (<1 lakh). I already have my IT firm which I had started 2 years back. I have mentioned about this business in my earlier answer. I had started 1 more business of Multi-Services. Services were as follows

  • Door step Car Wash
  • Tank cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Pan card service
  • Shop Act license

And many such basic services which were given at door steps. Car wash service charges were just 25/– per car per day . I had enrolled over 100 cars in 1 month. That means 25*100=Rs.2500 / day. I had 5 employees for doing this stuff, and their pay was Rs. 10/car. This means 10*100= Rs. 1000/day. Thus 2500–1000=1500/day income. Monthly income is 30*1500=45000/-.

Similarly I had different modules for other services too.

P.S.- I had stop few services due to labour problems and malfunctioning during work. Now I provide only those services which are completely given by myself and no labour involved.

Also experience and views can differ from person to person. This is completely my experience.

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