How to crack Interview!!!

  • Know your skills and area of interest before going for an interview. Take some time to know your skills and area of interest. Don’t just litter money to pursue useless courses. It doesn’t matter what qualifications you have, what all degrees you pursue; the thing that matters is “your interest”. If you think you are a good writer, go for content writing even though you are a computer engineer. Being MBA finance doesn’t mean you cannot do jobs apart from finance.  
  • Go through the company profile to get a brief introduction or overview about the desired company prior to interview. This will help you to answer the basic questions as in “why our company?, what do you know about are company? and so on”.
  • Be confident with whatever you speak or have spoken. Dont’t hesitate or bring second thought. Your confidence is your entry pass to any interview, be it a corporate or matrimonial..;)
  • Keep a smiling face irrespective of your mood. Do not arguee with anyone and try to control your anger in any unpleasant situation. This would be a positive impact related to your personality.
  • Do not flaunt (very imp) as if you know everything. Try to be calm and act humble to respective contestants and also with the interviewer. Explain your views, knowledge and skills in a descent manner keeping your superiority outside the room. Respect the interviewer even if he is younger than you or has some flaws. Don’t concentrate on his faults rather improve yours. 
  • Greet the interviewer no matter who that person is (greet everyone in day-to-day life). This would flash your character in their minds. Greeting would certainly help you in maintaining sound relationships. 
  • Try to maintain a friendly talk with the interviewer but don’t get over friendly  as it would be in some case may feel insulting for the interviewer. Be specific and answer what you want to; irrespective of others.
  • Do not change your attitude when going for the interview. Be the one who you really are in the real life. Organisations can easily catch you. They accept people with their natural personality and attitude.
  • Be positive while answering. Focus more on positive points even if they are some negative points. Don’t think anything during interview; whether you’ll be selected or rejected…no nothing, just think that you have to be positive and present yourself without any fear. “Give interviews to gain experience and not the job” are the words of my dad. Believe me this will surely help you as did help me. 
  • Do not give up even if you are rejected. Just think that there’s better opportunity waiting for you. Don’t forget “Sky’s the limit…”

Hope this will be helpful to you!!!

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