“CORONA VIRUS” is not a Joke!!!

No doubt “CORONO VIRUS” has been proved to be one of the deadliest disease in the history of Mankind, but still few people are treating it as a joke. Before making it a joke or something, please consider few things in mind.

Don’t be under the impression that nothing will happen to me if I do not wear a mask or sanitize my hands. Do not make jokes on people wearing masks and avoiding handshakes. These are few preventive measures to stop the deadly Coronavirus from spreading. If you see anyone suffering from cold, cough or relative symptoms, please try to make that person comfortable and insist them to do the corona test. There is no shame if you are tested positive. If you lock down yourself, it will help/support from spreading the deadly virus to others. It is deadly only when you ignore it. If you are quarantine, it is not permanent and you will be released after few days. So stop complaining about the facilities during quarantine and try to adjust for few days. After that you could enjoy your luxurious life (provided you are alive). In so many cases it has been observed that the infected people are purposely spreading the coronavirus by roaming around, making handshakes, and so on. Guys when a Father dies, his wife and children suffer, when a mother dies his husband and children suffer, when a child dies, his parents suffer, in short when a person dies, nobody is affected than his own family. So before doing such ill activities or making fun of it, just remember your family once, because your one act of devil will make whole family suffer.

Italy which is one of the finest and cleanest country in the World, is suffering heavily from this deadly virus not because of the climate or something but only due to ignorance. They ignored initially when people were detected positive. They took it as a normal cough and cold virus and carried out their daily activities. And this small ignorance made a huge impact on Italy.

But people in India seem to be very cool and ignorant about the deadly disease. This is because, the number of corona infected people are comparatively less. But this situation will not be the same in coming days. One of the International News channel claimed that “it is not that people in India are less infected but India has not expanded testing so far”. The average testing rate in Italy is 600 people per day, whereas in India it is just 6 people per day. This is really a matter of concern for India in coming days.

Just imagine lakhs of people are dying today and so many families are suffering. Guys this is a situation of war where we all need to stand together and fight for it. If you are tested positive and kept yourself alofe or lockdown, it is worth a soldier fighting for his country. Die like a martyr by saving few lives instead of a coward taking so many lives.

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